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Brides – Why Choose Made to Measure?

Whether you’re just beginning your bridal gown search or becoming well-versed in tulles, duchess satins and Chantilly laces, as a bride-to-be the most crucial element of the dress to get right, is the fit.



The right fit of a dress can not only help you to feel more comfortable on the day, but can also visually create a more streamlined look, a balanced, beautifully proportioned shape and assure you that from every angle you will look sensational. The most effective way to guarantee a perfect fit is to buy from a bridal designer who understands couture fitting techniques and opt for a made to measure gown: a wedding dress made exactly from your measurements, because let’s face it, is anyone a standard size 12?

At our own London boutique, we only offer made to measure gowns because we understand that the fit has to be perfect.  This is because the design aesthetic of the Stewart Parvin brand is one of sophistication, clean lines and understated elegance which means the cut and fit of the dress makes the biggest impact.

So how do we create the perfect fit?

There are several stages to the process, the first being a detailed set of your measurements taken once you’ve chosen the dress of your dreams.  These twenty five different measurements act as a blueprint for the following stages of your bridal gown’s creation in order to take into account your exact proportions.

These measurements are then sent to our studio in London where our pattern cutters will hand cut a paper pattern which in turn creates a toile – a mock-up of the top part of your dress in cotton.  Once your toile is ready, you will be invited for a toile fitting where it is fitted exactly to you in order to replicate how the dress will fit.  This is an opportunity to work with the fitter and discuss, for example, the shape and height of the neckline, and to confirm all the final details of your gown.

The toile is then sent back to our studio and will be worked on again by our pattern cutter – where any alterations made by our fitter will be incorporated into your paper pattern. The pattern is the outline from which your beautiful gown will be cut in your chosen fabric, and sewn together by our talented seamstresses.  All our gowns are made by one seamstress from start to finish, a process which is carefully overseen by Stewart.

Once your special dress has been completed, and Stewart has checked it over, you will be welcomed back for your first fitting in your actual dress!  In order to ensure perfect fit, there will be slight alterations to be made, including hemming and any final tweaks on the fit of the gown.  You will then have another fitting appointment once the work has been completed where hopefully the dress will be perfect and ready for your big day!  Shortly after this, your perfectly fitted bridal gown will be pressed and ready for you to take away to wear on your wedding day!